Greetings from OMNIS!

2017-05-03 16:25:23 by Scrappo

Hello fellow creators, media absorbers, and consumers!

I, Scrappo, the adorable cartoon robot dog, and our President, Wylder Tomlinson, would like to humbly introduce ourselves to this amazing community. Hello.

We here at OMNIS are excited to be a part of Newgrounds, you fine folks have already have given us more views and attention than any other media platform! Thank you, we appreciate your appreciation more than you would know how to appreciate. We here at OMNIS are happily here to stay, and will be bringing a whole hell of a lot more toons for your ocular pleasure, so stay tuned for toons soon!

These toons specifically:

Scrappo 2044 (1-3 weeks), OMNIS Battlebrawl 3000 (alpha in about 1 month), Spickled Dimwizzles episode 3 (this week), and finally, Wastes of the West Episode 1 (1-2 months). 

Oh boy, what a lineup. Hopefully we can actually get some sleep around here while squeezin this sweet steamin entertainment out of our mind holes. Ain't that a lovely image? Also these release dates are not at all set in stone, its very much dependent on how distracted we get by video games/tv shows/freelance nonsense/ other actual responsibilities/ and whatnot. We'll see! Feel free to comment below and ask questions, we might even reply.

Thanks for tunin in!